Wake Up to Rested Skin

When skin rests, it repairs the damage from sun exposure, pollution, toxins, and everyday stress that lead to faster aging. With sufficient rest, skin rebuilds cells and protects itself from the inside.


  • Skin Moisture

    100% moisture improvement
    across all users

    Moisture increase of at most
    9% in 2 weeks time

  • Fine Lines

    Reduction of fine lines at 60%
    in 4 weeks

    Effects of reduction can be seen
    in 2 weeks at 33%

  • Skin Elasticity

    Significant visible improvement
    in skin smoothnes

    Significant visible improvement
    in skin elasticity

*Results may vary per individual.

Proven Results

  • “There’s no other product like it in the market… Getting rested skin has never been used by other supplements before.”

    - Supplement user, 31 years old

  • “My friends noticed something different about my face. IT’S GLOWING! I don’t look tired... In only 2 weeks!”

    - Non-supplement user, 28 years old

  • “Yes, I will buy this product again. Even if I don’t like drinking medicine, I will buy this product in the market”

    - Non-supplement user, 22 years old

  • “My face looks glowing. It is radiant. Like having a nice aura”

    - Supplement user, 24 years old

  • “I have this GLOWING AURA... Like having lots of sleep.”

    - Supplement user, 22 years old

  • “Even if I only have 5 hours of sleep, I don’t look and feel tired the next day.”

    - Supplement user, 24 years old