The Super Anti-Oxidant


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    Nature’s Skin Protector

Extramel, a natural extract from a rare French melon, is a powerful super anti-oxidant that has been clinically-tested to help in improving quality of sleep at night for better rested skin. When skin rests, it renews itself to produce younger, newer cells, lessening the look and feel of fatigue.

Selenium, a natural anti-aging mineral, restores skin youthfulness by repairing skin cells damaged by stress and the environment. It visibly smoothens skin by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and roughness. So skin feels softer and youthfully supple.

Grape Seed Extract, another form of super anti-oxidant boosts the power and efficacy of Extramel and Selenium to its full potential. Making sure your skin gets the optimum result of a truly radiant and rested-looking skin.